Interview Preparation

Whether you are successful or unsuccessful during the interview stage it is important you take away the experience you have gathered. To help you prepare for your interview we have provided a detailed set of interview do’s and don’t’s to guide you through what is expected, before during, and after your interview. Feel free to copy or print any of the information for future reading.
Good Luck!


  • Prepare thoroughly, make sure you know your CV inside out and review it from an employer’s point of view
  • Research the organisation thoroughly – use the firm’s website and Google etc and speak to anyone you know who works there
  • Make sure you know the names and job titles of the interviewers and find out all you can about them – Linked In etc
  • Ensure you are aware of exactly which role you are being interviewed for
  • Make sure you know the exact date, time and location of the interview and allow a 10 minute margin of error
  • Remember to be polite to everyone you meet – receptionists are often debriefed afterwards
  • Dress smartly in a business suit, unless told otherwise and remember your umbrella in case of rain!

During The Interview

  • This is your opportunity to shine, to sell yourself and to prove that you will fit into the organisation’s culture
  • Use a firm handshake, maintain eye contact with all interviewers, smile and remember first impressions count.
  • Answer questions succinctly and stop when you have answered the question – don’t ramble
  • Don’t fidget and be aware of your body language and that of your interviewers
  • Never reply with a yes/no answer – support everything you say with examples
  • Do not mention salary in the first interview unless expressly asked, let your recruitment consultant do the salary package negotiation
  • Always ask questions if you have the opportunity (Make sure you have prepared a few in advance)

Typical Questions

  • Why do you want to leave your current organisation?
  • Why are you interested in joining our organisation?
  • What will you miss most in your current position?
  • What type of people do you work well with/not work well with?
  • What have been your greatest successes in your current position?
  • What have you been most disappointed with in your current position?
  • Give examples of your effective management style
  • How are you at prioritising/delegating?
  • What have you done that shows initiative in your current position?
  • What have you learnt over the course of the last 5 years?
  • What are your career goals, where do you see yourself in 1/3/5 years?
  • How would your team/boss describe you?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What 3 words would your best friend use to describe you?
  • What do you think your current firm will do when you resign?

Questions To Ask

  • Why has the position become available?
  • What is the culture of your organisation?
  • What are the future plans of the organisation?
  • What are the long term prospects for the successful applicant?
  • How do you appraise the performance of your employees?
  • What training and support will I have in the role?
  • How do you see the team/group growing in the next few years?
  • Who do you regards as your main competitors?