CV Writing

Regardless of how perfect you are for a given role, if your CV isn’t up to scratch you’ll fall at the first hurdle! JVR have put to gether this useful guide to help you make your CV standout and to makesure you have included all the relevant information. Feel free to copy or print any of the information for future reading.

Good Luck!

Your CV

  • Is your introduction to your potential employer
  • The objective of your CV is to gain you an interview
  • Must provide plenty of relevant detail as to work/projects done
  • Should be in brief, succinct bullet points
  • Will include your full academic history
  • Will explain any chronological gaps
  • Should highlight any experience you have of supervising a team
  • Keep your interests section short and use it to prove you are a rounded individual
  • Do not embellish your CV

CV Plan

Personal Information

  • Full Name

Employment History

  • In reverse chronological order
  • Include dates, size and scope of responsibilities and achievements
  • Prove that you can add value to the role and organisation
  • Do not leave out any period of employment
  • State title
  • Use sub-headings and detail experience according to type of work
  • List specific responsibilities/involvement in matter


  • In reverse chronological order, including professional qualifications, names of establishments and grades
  • Language qualifications


  • 2 lines maximum


  • Full address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email address